Friday, February 25, 2011


Every morning I wake up early to drive an hour to work. Once I get to work I buy a Redbull to keep me up since I don't really sleep til late. I walk over to my desk and turn on my computer and start watching people complain about the game that I work on. Same thing everyday... gets really routine. Now why are users so angry... I've never seen a video game where the players were happy and understanding of why something broke. They don't realize that oh crap you guys are working with 50 other people in getting this to work within a 3 week time frame. For those game companies out there with great Customer Support, keep it going. No matter how great your customer support is, there's always going to be the one douche that writes that angry CS ticket stating WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS SUCK GO DIE MY CHARACTER IS BROKEN. How bout you look at it this way. We want you to play our game in order to make us some money. Don't you think it would be top priority if a player can't play our game... WE LOSE MONEY IF YOU CAN'T PLAY! If your character in World of Warcraft got stuck and you weren't able to log into him, you don't think Blizzard would be like Eh... Who cares about him. NO! If they fix your character you will continue to play the game and play the subscription of 15 bucks a month. If they left your character broken and not giving a crap about whether you can get back in to the game or not, they lose out on 15 bucks/month. 15 bucks a month may not be that much, but trust me... they care about every dime and nickel that comes their way. So the next time you're in a game and something's broken, don't rage that the company supporting the game "Purposely Broke" your character because we want you in the game as much as you want to be in the game.

Also for you hardcore ragers, it's going to end up being more expensive for you if you can't control it.
And that is my 2 cents for the day. :)