Friday, March 4, 2011


Updating yay!

So... I got into a car accident 2 days ago... maybe 3? Some girl just rear ends me on the way to work.

The first thing she says after pulling over is "Are you okay?" which already should be the first thing she says, but the statement she made after just makes me annoyed. "There doesn't seem to be too much damage, it looks really small." WHAT THE FUCK?! IS THIS YOUR CAR? HOW THE HELL WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT I CONSIDER SMALL AND WHAT I CONSIDER BIG? Damage wasn't that big I must admit, but I would not like to be driving around with her stupid license plate numbers imprinted into my rear bumper so EFF YOU!

To give you guys an idea of what it kind of looks like is here:

Yes... I would love to have a rectangle imprinted into my rear bumper.

Buy a new car and let me love tap you with my car and let's see if you think it's small or big.

Bottom line... you crashed into me... your fault. I don't need your 2 cents in how big or how small the damage is. I'll let my insurance decide that.

On a side note, you guys can have fun with this little site that my coworker found.
Pretty awesome huh?